I got PRIDE, yes I do, I graduated PRIDE HOW BOUT YOU?



I gradumacated my foster/adopt PRIDE class on Sunday!  Yay!  I got my little certificate and everything!  I officially donated my weekends listening to people talk and got a certificate for it!  (Honestly though, the speakers were awesome!)

Last Friday I went and got my TB test done and did my fingerprinting. 

The TB test was a tiny needle that went under the first few layers of my skin on my left arm.  She forewarned me that it would leave a really strange bubble effect on my arm…It didn’t stop me from freaking out when I saw it!  It looked like I had some weird growth or HUGE whitehead/zit on my arm.  And it started bleeding.  So I had a nasty looking cyst type thing.  And I had to go in public still. 

I ended up with random blood dots all over my shirt. 

Thanksfully the bubble of ick went down by the time I was fingerprinted at the State Patrol office.  I am afraid that with the lack of english that the fingerprinting lady spoke, she somehow would think I had leprosy on my arm or something.  But as I said, it just looked like a small veiny bruise by then.

One of the girls that was in my PRIDE class was the most.annoying.lady.ever.  She was EXTREMELY soft spoken and no matter how hard the teacher guy tried to get her to speak up, she would always say it’s because the vents were blowing too loudly over her head and she couldn’t hear…um, we can’t hear YOU lady.  You can hear yourself in your head I hope? 

Every day Crazy Annoying Lady would bring in several different containers.  All of soup.  Different kinds of soup.  But still soup. 

And she would slurp them.  Not the little “oops, I slurped a bit” but the full fthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht, with some of the noodles popping up and smacking their wet end on her face.  Well, except when she had the world’s most smelly broth type of soup.  That she dipped her bread with oddly colored cheese into. 

She ate soup about three times every class. 

After a full morning on the first day of class, listening to her slurp, I had already mentally evaluated that I hated the fact she was breathing my oxygen and no matter what she did, it would drive me nuts. 

And she drove several other people nuts too – that is one thing I love about “micro expressions”…they are SO easy to read on people. 

For the most part, everyone in the class was extremely nice.  A lot of kinship folks in there.  There was one couple that were a tad…whacky.  I can’t think of any other way to describe them.  No matter what she was correcting the teacher on (yes, because she knew EVERYTHING because she went to college and volunteered with kids once), her husband always looked at her with a mixture of cracked out-ness, fear and sexual ick.  She was a biiiig girl.  He was a scrawny Teva sandal wearing peg legged pants wearing wee man. 

And she always sat with her legs as far apart from each other as humanly possible.  In her skirts.  While constantly talking about how nothing but whole foods and organic were allowed in their house and how they worry about biological parents trying to rape them.  Or something…but that isn’t too far off. 

Anywho, I got my TB test read and I am negative.  I wasn’t exactly concerned.  But still – that would be my luck.  Everything else checks out but I have TB or something.  Or leprosy.




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  1. lol, you are cracking me up. people are so weird…especially in the foster world…makes you think about being associated with it…

    congrats on your TB test and PRIDE 🙂

  2. Oh, I did so love the people you meet in those PRIDE classes… I had the obnoxious single guy who insisted that he wanted to FOSTER and yet said over and over again how he wasn’t going to go and get attached to those kids just to give them back. After three days of this, I finally had to be the one to explain to him the difference between “fostering” and “adoption.” The trainers weren’t overly-happy with me for telling him that he didn’t want to “foster” and that he needed to “adopt.” But my personal favorite were the gun-toting rednecks who insisted that if they couldn’t carry their loaded weapons on one hip with the baby in the other, well… “That’s just a deal-breaker.” They never came back to class. 😉

    • I heard a lot of that too! They do some smack talking about bio parents they haven’t even met yet and were just bad mouthing everything all together.

      And as for the gun toting ones – I didn’t have THAT…but we did hear all about the “injustice” of having to fence off their pool. Eesh.

  3. Oh what a crazy world you’ve just entered into! We had a couple crazies in our classes too. The woman who acted like the parents were all monsters without exception and who cringed at just the idea of having to give them up (she needed your foster/adopt speech), and of course the know-it-all who volunteered for everything (including things that didn’t need volunteers) and who talked the whole time of how she was abused as a child, how terrible things were for her, and how she was ready right now to take any kid, any age, any problem, any time. Made me a little nervous…

    Looking forward to seeing how things go for you – getting that phone call will be the most exciting and nerve racking experience ever!

    • Oh, I am SO nervous and excited! I am so wanting this to continue to move forward, but my licensor only works part time…so imagining that call is overwhelming! It makes my heart rush! 🙂

      Some of the people in those classes are just downright odd. That’s for sure! It’s always nice to feel like I am the normal one! hehe

      I have been reading your blog and am really enjoying it. I of course had to start at the beginning and am reading through. So many ups and downs – having a lot of fun reading how you handled things!

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