Drop It Like It’s Hot


I am going to physicall drop off my foster packet/application today! 

I was going to send it through the mail, but after speaking with my soon to be licensor, I’m not.  I just have that odd feeling it would be more easily misplaced.  And everything about me is in that folder…scary to think where it could possibly end up!

I found the cutest toddler bed on Craigslist last night!  I picked it up after work and I just adore it!  I have never really seen one before – I love how cute it is!  She gave me some fitted sheets as well. 

I also found an adorable girls crib blanket and dust ruffle!  It’s VERY shabby chic and I want it in my bed size too!  I still haven’t found boy stuff yet – although my goal is to have it be VERY girl for a little girl (duh) or VERY boy for a little he-man.  So all frilly and pink and soft, or all sports or whatever for a boy.  Yes, I am playing into gender stereotypical roles.  I don’t care!  It’s SO cute! 

A friend of mine talked me into signing up on a dating website again…I had gone on a couple of dates with one guy, but let’s just say it didn’t pan out.  I am trying very hard to move WAY past my ex…and my friends want to help that along I guess.  But I an not really interested (or maybe I am?) in starting a new relationship and trying to explain that they will be second to me caring for other people’s children, DSHS, social workers, appointments, therapy, etc.  I mean, when do I introduce THAT to someone?  Hi my name is Jae (but my real name, obviously) and I don’t have bio kids but I have lots of other kids.  I don’t know…

Being a foster mommy is more important to me than a relationship, but I do wonder how it will work out.  I guess we shall see. 

I can’t wait to get this process moving forward!!  There is some little kid out there that is going to need me as much as I need them…I hope there are things that we will teach each other. 

EEk!  🙂


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