I am a married, wealthy, stay at home woman who would like to change the life of a child through opening my huge home to them. 

Oh wait…Nope.  That’s not me.  I am a 30-something, single woman, whose mother lives with her along with some dogs, some cats and some fish.  I have a full time job that is an hours commute.

I have no biological children, and honestly am not sure if I want any or not.  Being pregnant scares the crap out of me.  And I have been told I would be a real bitch.  So….

Anywho – I have just started (kind of again) the sometimes bumpy road to becoming a foster mom. 

I like to go to bed at 9 pm every night.  I like to quietly drift off while laying on the couch watching tv on the weekends.  I like quiet.  I have issues with random messes. 

And I want to be a mom.  WTF I have lost my damned mind.


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