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I could be a medic now…


Well, I have now finished the initial training and classes to send in my fostering paper work. 

Saturday was the CPR/First Aid/BBP class.  I could give life saving breaths of air now. 

Syke…(I used to love saying that!)

The class must have been the bare minimum to get signed off.  Because Good God – it was not helpful!!

The teacher was nice.  He had been an RN for something like 27 years.  And had been teaching CPR classes since the 1970’s. 

Which is just great.

But when you have a guy that has like a 75″ waist teaching you about CPR and can’t even get on the floor himself because he is too big, it’s a little strange. 

But I get it.  He was there to teach a class.  And he did. 

However, I MUST complain!!  His Son?  His Helper?  He kept using the infant Little Annie doll to scratch his head, kept turning it upside down and shaking it by its leg, sticking his fingers in it’s eyes, tapping its head on the table and making the ODDEST “jokes”.  (Ok, I will go call 911 while you are giving CPR…but since you didn’t tell me to come back right away I will stop by Joe’s pizza and have a few slices.  I will make it back with some grease on my lips…) 

He was about 18.  Yeah.  And he sat in the front of the class while his dad was talking reading…a romance sci fi novel.

AND THEN?!  The crazy Teva sandal wearing couple was there!  And she put on such a good show!  🙂

She apparently is allergic to latex. Little CPR Annie MIGHT be latex.  This came out in not a moment of excusing herself from class.  No, it came out as a class announcement. 

She fussed a bit about it, asking questions.  Then asked “Do you mind if I go outside to my vehicle?  I always keep an epi pen and some non latex gloves in my car.  I don’t know if I will need the epi pen, but at least I could show everyone how to use one…HAHAHAHAHA”.  Heh.

So when it came time to give CPR/Heimlich to Little Infant Annie, Miss Allergic made a big ol’ production out of putting her Epi Pen out on the desk in front of her, having a GINORMOUS pile of paper towels and putting on her gloves.  She continued to announce that she is “so sorry to be holding us all up and she hopefully wouldn’t take this long if it were a real baby”, etc. 

She also kindly offered to pass around her epi pen for us all to see.

And it didn’t keep her from talking about all of her nursing knowledge the ENTIRE class. 

Oddly, she couldn’t do CPR on Little Annie.

Oh AND!!  There was a lady in there, who had come to my first Pride class, but didn’t see afterwards.  She was in the CPR class.  And MY GOD that woman can talk!!  About nothing!  Well, it was always ABOUT her.  But she didn’t even care if anyone was listening.  She just talked. 

And when we were discussing flu vaccines and how it’s a dead sample they give you, so you cannot get the flu FROM the vaccine – well, guess what?!  SHE DID!  Yep, she said that she is considered a medical mystery.  The teacher said that maybe she either had the flu prior to the vaccine, got the flu AFTER from someone else OR just felt kind of icky after the shot (normal), but she did NOT get the actual flu FROM the vaccine.  She argued with him until he finally gave up and moved on.

Awesome.  Lots of side glances and eye rolling.  🙂

But all in all, I am glad to have had the experience.  I like being one of “the normal ones”.  🙂

Now I have a huge packet that I need to make copies of and get sent out.  I wonder when my homestudy will be…I wonder what my house will need to have changed…I wonder if I will even get approved!! 

I have some really cute little things for the child’s room…but I have NONE of it actually IN the room.  And I need either a toddler bed or twin sized bed.  I already have a crib.

I am up in the air on getting a toddler bed – my friend says to get it and not the twin bed yet.  That it’s such a cute little stage and you don’t get to have a toddler bed for all that long.  Enjoy it while I can.  And it’s small and adorable.  haha

I have bought a few little onesie type things, but not knowing the age range or boy or girl…well, it’s not easy to do. 

And I for the life of me cannot pick out curtains for the bedroom!  It’s the lamest thing, but I am having some serious issues with it!  I cannot pick a pattern to save my life. 

How do you have your room(s) set up when you don’t know who is coming?  Any suggestions?