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…oy vay…


I received an email from the Licensor yesterday.

She asked if my mom would be a care taker during the day while I was at work, and if so, we could just put her on the license.  She would just need to fill out the nine hundred million page personal history.  So, no big deal with that it looks like.

She said everything looked in order so far. 

Asked about my water – city or well.


That’s it. 

Which is fine I suppose for a FEW more days.  I am still working on a few things around the house.  Lots of painting.  But I am READY to take the step and schedule a homestudy!  I am not asking for it to be done tomorrow.

But to be able to have a DATE set would be nice.  I would feel like I was still moving forward.

Seriously, either foster parenting is going to beat patience into me and teach me that patience is a virtue or I am going to start sitting in the corner while rocking myself singing show tunes or the Golden Girls theme song.

Obviously, hoping for option A.  Although I really love the theme song for Golden Girls.

…”And the card attached would say, THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEEEEEEEEEEEEND!”